HyET Hydrogen BV

(HyET) HyET Hydrogen B.V. is a high-tech SME in Arnhem, The Netherlands and a global leader in developing new, breakthrough technology for an electrochemical hydrogen compressor and purifier without moving parts.

  • Targeted applications are:
  • Fuel cell electric vehicle refueling stations
  • Hydrogen purification/compression at hydrogen production sites
  • Hydrogen recovery/recycling of hydrogen waste streams in (process) industry
  • Renewable energy storage via power-to-gas, hydrogen compression/storage

Founded in 2008, HyET Hydrogen B.V. is privately owned by dr. ir. Rombout Swanborn, a successful entrepreneur who has founded 3 >€10M turnover high-tech companies in the energy sector and has strong roots in the oil and gas industry. HyET’s team counts 10 members with expertise in (electro)chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics and system control and a strong background in PEM fuel cell technology. The HyET development- and test facilities (former ECN PEMFC lab test rigs) ensure fully integrated product development from component design to manufacturing process development.

HyET is seeking strategic partnerships to make electrochemical compression and purification of hydrogen an industrial reality. HyET’s value proposition is technology for silent, energy efficient, single stage and simultaneous compression and purification of hydrogen.

HyEt has a track record in FCHJU projects, developing a prototype compressor for forklift truck refuelling (Don Quichote development phase, http://www.don-quichote.eu/) and for an all electrochemical hydrogen refuelling station (Phaedrus, http://www.phaedrus-project.eu/).

Contact HyET at info@hyet.nl; visit our website at www.hyet.nl .